6 Things That Make Me Happier

To start off my blog properly, I’m going to do a list of the things that make me happiest.

Books are probably the best thing that's ever happened to me!

Books are probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

1. Books!

Very sadly,  this isn’t actually my book pile, but I have most of them! Reading is pretty much the best thing I’ve ever loved! Is your favourite series here? Mine is!      Divergent                                                                      

And Red Velvet is my favourite!

And Red Velvet is my favourite!

2. Cupcakes!

Oh cupcakes! One of the best ideas this world has come up with. All I have to say about this one is a quote; “When you look at a cupcake, you just have to smile” – Unknown.


3. Oversized Christmas Sweaters.

Anything oversized, is a yes from me! Especially sweaters! And then, there’s also nothing better, then wearing one on a yucky cold day, but then, for Christmas sweaters? Sadly I cant! Because here in Australia, Christmas is in summer, so I would probably collapse wearing a Christmas sweater!  But I still adore them, they’re gorgeous, and they make me SO happy!


4. Little Black Pugs!

Awh! These are too cute! Any little dog is cute and makes me happy, but then there’s pugs, and they make me even happier! It’s little cute animals that are my weakness, so you can just imagine what a pug could do! If there’s something cuter, I need to know about it!


5. Squirt from Finding Nemo!

So Finding Nemo is possibly my favourite kids movie ever! As a turtle lover, my favourite character, would have to be little Squirt! He’s too cute, and I love his shell more than anything! He’s the cutest little cutiepie around and I CANNOT wait for Finding Dory! How pumped are you guys?


6. Bright Colourful Rooms

I always get this really warm fuzzy feeling whenever I see a big colourful room. I especially love children’s rooms when they have bright pops of colour! I love when people mix up different things, that other people dont believe will work, and you prove them wrong, and create a masterpiece of a room, like the picture above. I believe if you thimk something could look good, you can make it work.

Goodbye lovelies! Xx


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